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Monday, May 31, 2021

LG Poll: Analysing the Pre, During and Post Electioneering Process In Sagamu LG

In many cases, the objective view of cons and pros of electing Council public officers in government goes a long way, most especially sensitive local government area such as Sagamu, being classified as hotspot for state zonal decision core determinant in overall structure within such zone.

Furthermore, the definition of indigeneity has come to have inevitable issue of concern whenever distribution of public power and government appointments are to come in play. Even though the paramount ruler of Remoland, the Akarigbo Oba Adewale Babatunde Ajayi has downtone suchlike approach in towns within his domain, yet the rigidly line will not fade-off, no matter how strongly identified the non-indigene; without get this notion entangled, Sagamu local government area is home to many people from different backgrounds but Sagamu will never allow non-indigene to leadership role which should originally and rightly belong to her indigenes. 

Instances of this claim can be traced to many successful youth agitations in Sagamu Local Government, examples are SARS protest and DPO transferred from Sagamu few years back and SARS protest recently, but to mention a few. 

Concurrently, this indigenous ambiguity were tried to be curtained by asking those who genuinely meet Sagamu criteria of naturalisation to obtain their certificate of origin some years back, but many of those affected residents do not see the need for it, with a reason that can be best described as no serious attachment to the Sagamu local government.

In practical, will this well known knowledge about Sagamu Local Government change overnight by allowing, Mr. Oladunjoye Kasimawo an Igbira man claiming Ikorodu (not even Ogijo) be allowed to take the top seat in Sagamu Local Government?

Secondly, looking at the present administration of his excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the incumbent executive governor of Ogun state; rocked with many of his appointees nabbed with fraud cases, permits those with background of fraudulent activities champion his course in any of the twenty (20) local government areas.

Ogbeni Afolabi Odulate who have not ever been gainfully employed or run business, but could flaunt millions of naira or the present transition Chairman, Hon. Gbenga Banjo Baruwa which his fraud case can be traced to the United States be allowed to run Sagamu local government area? Especially when 2023 is around the corner.

All these are the lookouts for Prince Dapo Abiodun, by the Sagamu youths and far-away observers in the forthcoming electioneering selection and processes in APC and state chairmanship and councillorship 2021 election.

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