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Sunday, April 18, 2021

TASUED Fresh Student Appeals To University Management For Academic Calendar

By: Ikechukwu John Uformadu

We must admit that these are trying times for us as individuals, the university community, and the nation at large, having escaped the disruptive and deadly virus, Coronavirus and adjusting to the new normal and reality we are confronted with. We are not ignorant of the effectual and fervent efforts of the management, senate body and the ever dedicated staff, teaching and non teaching to ensure normalcy return to the university.

Let me also recognize and appreciate the ever thinking and proactive governor of Ogun state, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, for appointing Prof. Oluwole Sikiru Banjo as the Ag. Vice-Chancellor— a decisive and progressive leader, members of the Senate who are our fathers and mothers for their conscientiousness in taking up responsibilities. Our professionals, learned teachers and foster parents who have been so receptive and encouraging cannot be forgotten in the toga of thanksgiving.

Permit me to say that the most recent Academic calendar that was issued last year was the greatest relief to the entire students especially entrants. The calendar which gave due diligence to the statusquo and mentioned the registration for a new academic session (2020/2021) for March 15, 2021 was an elixir to new students of which I am one. Many of us couldn't hold back our excitement and hopped on the next available flight to secure accomodation for ourselves. Many of us whose anxiousness rose and felt like the direct victim of the pandemic relocated immediately to school — you may say, "their headache", but you know what it is with children who sometimes want to run faster than their shadows or are eager towards a course.

I am as concerned as I definitely know the managemental bodies are. They are doing every thing necessary to ensure we are attended to. The situation of things are crystal revelation that the ball is rolling— from the prompt and dedicated staff at the medical center, to those at the admission office, down to the departmental levels and other functional areas give credence that there's no folding of hands anywhere.

However, we will like to appeal to the administrative heads, in their goodwill and magnanimity to intensify and provide a working academic calendar to commence the session as we are anxious to get into classes, meet with targeted goals and life aspirations. More so, our rents are ticking, our edibles are evaporating by each day with no equal output.

I have raised head high as a son to his father to appeal as and on behalf of fresh students (Year one) for Academic Calendar to commence a new session that will absorb us into classroom because I know responsible parents are listeners.

Thank you.


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