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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter Celebration: We Need A Man Who Has Paid His Price by Asoro Abubakri Olatunji


By: Asoro, Abubakri Olatunji 

If we do not support Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidency, it will nearly become a curse, that each time a Yoruba man team up with the North in the interest of unity of our beloved country, he would be betrayed.

Tinubu can definitely not be a saint, he is not as white as snow but has he payed his price? Yes. Jusus Christ is remembered today for the sacrifices he made for his followers, for dying on the cross of Calvary for his followers to live, his blood wiped away sorrow and promises good life. He sacrificed for the sins of his followers so that they could make heaven.

Asiwaju is not Jesus Christ and can never come close. However, every leader thinks of others first and for that, you can say Asiwaju is a student of Jesus Christ; a staunch disciple who knows and imbibe the core values of leadership.

The death of Jesus Christ is symbolic and for Asiwaju, he has made himself a ladder through which people rise to fame and through this ladder, lives have been touched beyond the coast of Asiwaju’s territory; Yoruba land, South West Nigeria.

Pa Awolowo has paid his price for us as a nation but an adage says, “a value that is not handed over to our children will die”. And that “we pray that our children surpasses us in achievements”. The successor of heroes, do not necessary come from their lineage, and even most times, they are identified as successors when they are seen to be on the same path of human liberation. Prophet Muhammad had believed that his son; Ibrahim, will succeed him and will probably keep the fire burning after his death but God came and took the son, he cried but God said to him that the days ahead is better. Although, Prophet Muhammad was the last of the prophet, his religion has continued to grow without his blood successor.

Although Pa Awo has died some years back but his legacies lives on and one of such legacies is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He definitely did not step in the shoes of Awolowo because they may not size him but has come up with another shoe that will also take another generational genius to create another standard.

Only nay Sayers will still not accept Asiwaju as the leader of Yoruba race but beyond that, God has positioned him as the leader of the ruling party and probably the largest political network in Africa, this put him ahead beyond being only the leader of a race but the leader of a nation called Nigeria, it takes grace to come that far.

Our country is at a point where the tension is high, our unity is under threat and it nearly seems as if we are clueless about how to redeem our unity, trust and the same strength that we have lived together with over the years. Every situation with its own holistic approach, at this time than ever, our country needs a unifier, someone who believes in its democratic principles, someone who has sacrificed a lot for a country called Nigeria.

There is a common saying that ” oni ilu oni fe ki ilu e tu”; the founders of a nation, will not want it to tear apart”, if not for anything, Asiwaju will remember his days in prison, his days in exile, his days of blackmail, the days that his comfort was offered for the well being of this country and to restore Nigeria’s hard earned democracy through NADECO.

Unlike Jesus however, this write up is aimed at waking us up from our slumber, so that the Judas among us don’t sell out our benefactor. I choose not to call him a savior even though he has saved many soul, liberated many soul and even though he is the Jesus of many, through him, many have risen from the death, God has through him, provided wine and bread to many and through him the lots of humanity have been bettered.

We can make exploit of our heroes when they are alive, praising them in death do not have value on humanity. We must not have to create a jinx, we must ensure that humanity is not limited and we must at all time embrace new standards.

Nigeria / Nigerians need a man who has paid this price.

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