Monday, March 22, 2021


Today 20th of March 2021 was an historical day as the Yoruba Council of youths worldwide (YCYW) under the Global leadership of Aare (Barr.) Oladotun Hassan Esq. And the Ogun State Chairmanship under Hon. Sunday Adebowale inaugurates Sagamu Local Government Council under the Coordination of Asoju ọdọ Ashaye Razaq Adekunle.

The day was so glamorous, colourful and fun-filled as the Yoruba Youth Leaders plays host to welcome the arrival of the Global President of Yoruba Youths Worldwide (i.e Olori ọdọ Oodua àgbayé) to sagamu local government of ogun state, as he presents the certificate and staff of office to the newly inaugurated Yoruba Youths leader of Sagamu in person of Asoju ọdọ Ashaye Razak Adekunle.

In his presidential address, Aare Oladotun Hassan appreciated the organizers of the Omoluabi Pataki Awards Presentation and inauguration ceremony, he reiterated the importance, roles and responsibilities of attaining the position of leadership most especially in Yoruba Land, he further advised that the newly inaugurated executives try as much as possible to deliver on the mandate that has been saddled on them as the frontline youths of Sagamu and it’s environs. Furthermore, he emphasized on the need for the newly inaugurated executives to preach and promote the spirit of isokan (unity), because unity is strength. While handing over the staff of office to the new coordinator (Aṣoju ọdọ Oodua Sagamu) he prayed and wish him the very best in his service to his community and the entire Yoruba land.

Hon. Sunday Adebowale, the Ogun State Yoruba Youths chairman also in his welcome address congratulated the Omoluabi pataki Lucky awardees from Sagamu local government and the organizers of the program and gave the assurance of the full support from the state council to the local government executives at all times, he stressed on the need for all the executive members to hold themselves together in unity and always apply the good traits of Omoluabi some of which must always be seen in there mode of dressings, manner of approaches to issues around them amongst others, as they’re now role models, public figures that must be reckoned with when it comes to issues that affects the entire youths of Sagamu being an ancient city of the Yorubas (Ilu Omoluabi).

He called for the support of all the Traditional rulers, chiefs and prominent Yoruba elders in Sagamu to rise and embrace the course of emancipation, growth and development of Yoruba Land that the Yoruba Council of Youths has been clamouring for.

However, on behalf of the entire Members of Executives-in-council and all relevant stakeholders of YCYW Ogun State Council, we congratulate all Sagamites, Omoluabi Pataki Lucky Awardees and most especially the newly inaugurated Executives of Sagamu Local Government Council.

Ki eledumare bukun fún YCYW!
Ki eledumare bukun fún Ìjọba ìbílẹ̀ Sagamu!!
Ki eledumare bukun fún ipinlẹ Ogun!!!
Ki eledumare bukun fun Ilẹ Yorùbá lapapọ!!!!

Ọmọ Yorùbá ní mi, omo kaaro ojiire💪

Aare (Barr.) Oladotun Hassan Esq.
Founder/Global President, YCYW
(Aare Olori Ọdọ Oodua Agbaye).

Hon. Sunday Adebowale
Chairman (Alaga Ọdọ Oodua),
YCYW Ogun State Council

Ogbeni Ajibode Abdulkabir Olawale
Secretary (Akowe Ọdọ Oodua),
YCYW, Ogun State Council

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