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About Distinct Consult: A teachers recruitment and teachers training agency

Education is the soul of a nation, and the quality of education in any country is without doubt one of the germaine keys to national development. 

Every individual, has stated by the human right, should have access to education. However, there is a wide gap between those who received quality education and those do not.

In Nigeria, deterioration in the quality and standard of education in Nigeria is a well known fact which calls for quick attention. This ugly state education in Nigeria has been attributed over time to a number of factors including ill-trained and undedicated teaching personnel, underfunding, poor infrastructure,  poor curriculum standard. This exposes the nation’s future to insecurities.

Distinct Consult (DC) is a Nigeria based education consulting firm, registered and licensed with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). DC is with the quest of contributing her quota to national development and a secured future for Nigeria.

We are a consultancy firm aimed at providing the government, private schools and individual students with education related services.

The services we provide includes but not limited to: Providing educational testing services and providing quality teachers to schools. 

A Japanese proverb says, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” The impact of a teacher goes a long way in the life of his or her students. This, therefore, that great students are products of qualified and diligent teachers. For this cause, we help scrutinize qualified candidates who put in their interest to become teaching personnel in various capacities. 

This will ensure our wards are well baked academically, and the future of our nation is well secured.

Among other quintessential services DC provides are to facilitate feasibility studies, workshops/round tables. We organise training workshops for teachers to keep them updated and up-to-the-task. At regular intervals we review the past training workshop session notes based on the updates of the approved curriculum. The various workshops will ensure teachers: clearly understand the contents of the lesson plans for each subject, clearly understand the necessity of incorporating formative assessment of students learning within each lesson, have enough demonstration and practice teaching opportunities and required technical know-how.

DC also provides college selection services. Many are the criteria of being admitted into various higher institutions of learning across the nation. Students, when misinformed or under-informed tend to lose their chances. We therefore supply students with all important information and guidance to chose from the numerous institutions of learning based on their academic strength, nativity, availability of the intended course of study, financial capacity and many other factors.

Providing educational guidance counseling service is also one of the core services at Distinct Consult. 

Failure of many students in colleges and higher institutions of learning are attached to many reasons. Of these reasons is wrong choice of course of study. Students many times choose wrong career goals. This could be as a result of peer pressure, parental pressure or any other factor. We stand to counsel and guide you in your academic prospect.

More so, DC provides educational support Services. We conduct field-visits and hold meetings with teachers, head teachers and school management. We ensure to get informed of the challenges or observations from the teachers, head teachers of schools and help provide solutions as required.

In addition, we make enquires and thorough research on various scholarships and grants available for students. We try as much as possible to ensure the willed but helpless travail.

To find out more about how we can be of help to you, please click here. We look forward to contributing our quota to achieve these great educational goals in our nation. Do work together with us to make the goals a reality. 

Telephone: 08022751763
Email: info@distinctconsult.com
Website: https://distinctconsult20.wixsite.com/mysite

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