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Friday, May 01, 2020

The Right Leader at the Right Time: A Tribute to Comr. Adeyemi Azeez, SA on Student Matters to Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun MFR and National PRO, NANS

Executive Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun MFR
Learning the ethics and modus operandi of students unionism was one of the noble experiences I had as an activist. These periods were characterized by teachings on historical antecedents of heros, leaders and cadres from every rank and file of the students constituency in various institutions; people that gave their all in upholding the students' struggle. Some of these people include: Moses Osakede, George Iwilade (Afrika), Segun Okeowo just to mention but a few prominent ones. However, these periods didn't end without chanting the Aluta gyration song. It was in one of these sessions, under the tutelage of Comr. Shosanya Oluwatobi Abdulrasheed (Hon. White) that your name occured to me. I have always heard about you not until December, 21 2019 when I first met you. It was a courtesy visit with the emerged Student Union President of TASCESU' 20, Comr. Adefesobi Ibrahim Tobi.

Early this year again, around January, 2020 your exceptional leadership did not only rent the air for good reasons but also earned you a reputable position in the cabinet of His Excellency, Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun MFR, the Executive Governor of Ogun State as SA on Students' Matters. This reason birthed my second meeting with you in commemoration of your appointment at your home town.

I am more than compelled to write this tribute to you because I could not shy away from your too numerous achievement and feat in aligning and uniting the student constituency.

Comr. Azeez Adeyemi, who took to office as SA on Students' Matter is leading the system with dignity and class, and under his direction the students constituency has began to record outstanding results. His confidence, effective leadership and his personal charisma have earned the respect of everyone connected with him and Ogun State institutions.

Before Comr. Adeyemi Azeez took to office, Ogun State institutions were in total mess as a result of mismanagement but upon his appointment, he has approached the situation with a positive attitude that coaxed and compelled others forward toward success.

Comr. Adeyemi Azeez is the right leader at the right time. The Students' constituency was poised to implement a bold, transformative plan to advance students' success, and we needed someone who could move it forward. After a sweatless search by His Excellency, he heeded the call! His leadership, strategic skills, and first and foremost his experience on leading students at both national and state levels allowed him to chart the path forward for numerous ground-breaking reforms. His leadership is marked by an unprecedented level of innovation which has yielded positive changes that will benefit generations of students to come.

Since his inception as SA, Student Matters, the student constituency has made huge strides in increasing student success: easing students pain by listening and attending to their plights, zero victimization of students from either state machinery or staffers of institutions, conducive and paceful learning environment, cushioning the effect of hardship by providing palliative for students and many others. Adeyemi Azeez (Comr) influence has been a key factor in all of these achievements in Ogun State institutions.

Comr. Adeyemi Azeez's leadership style and personal characteristics have been essential to the success that the students constituency is enjoying. The students are pleased to have had an eloquent and consummate leader. In his few months as our leader, he has applied his practical and political wisdom to guide innovative transformations in Ogun State institutions that will improve the achievements and prosperity of students.

Comr. Adeyemi Azeez is a gentleman with just the right words, broad smile, and laser focus on what matters. He is doing a phenomenal job as the leader of the students constituency. Under his leadership, the students have seen their budgets restored after a ruinous recession by the previous administration and have received strong assertion to excel in ensuring student success. Comr. Adeyemi Azeez has been accessible to all of us, returning calls and emails within just a few hours despite the many demands on his time. He has achieved many things benefiting the students always with a gracious and professional manner.

Comr. Adeyemi is serving not just as an example but also as a personal mentor for me and many Student Leaders.

The personal touch that Comr. Adeyemi Azeez takes with all those around him is a characteristic for which many who have had the pleasure to interact with him will remember him, and that quality has been a key to his success in his position. Adeyemi Azeez's charismatic and visionary leadership style has helped him maintain strong relationships with all constituent groups. He is that rare person who inspires confidence, engenders respect. He is a highly effective leader and reputable for his multiple and diverse contributions.

Leader Adeyemi Azeez's fairness, common sense, and dedication to consultative processes have gained and held a special respect and admiration from the students. Amidst the politically charged (and often tense) atmosphere, Comrade Adeyemi Azeez has always demonstrated leadership through inspiration and vision, never through anger, threats, or intimidation. His calm, inclusive approach that he exhibits has earned him the trust and confidence of all the students and has created a sense of teamwork that is key to the progress and peacekeeping in the state.

My own experiences with the Comr. Adeyemi Azeez has led me to develop similar respect and admiration for him.

The contributions of Comr. Adeyemi Azeez to Ogun State educational institutions cannot be underrated. He has been an inspirational and strong leader who has earned the respect of the entire student. We thanks him for all of his efforts and for his leadership and wish you well in your continued stay in office.

Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win.

About the writer:
Uformadu Ikechukwu John, is a Student Activist, Educationist, Writer (Fiction and non-fiction). A member of National Association of Nigeria Students. Alumnus, Tai Solarin College of Education, English and Literature Education.

He is the serving Director of Media to the Deputy Coordinator, Akinwunmi Akeem Akinshola NANS ZONE D. Also, he is the Director of Media and publicity, to the Speaker, YAN Ogun State chapter.

He can be reached via this means
Facebook : Uformadu Ikechukwu John
Email :
Twitter: @UformaduJohn
Instagram: @hykayy

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