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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A crime-free Society is possible, says Expert


We are all aware of the crime rate among Nigerian youths both in a society like ours, and the nation at large, If the current trajectory in crime rate among the youths is allowed to continue unabatedly, the future of Nigeria and its productive army is clearly on the path of destruction. Nigeria I'd a developing country and it is no doubts currently experiencing rising crime waves, high level of insecurity, criminal intentions and varying degree of delinquencies.

Crime is a universal phenomenon, although it may differ in Nigeria in terms of degree, pattern, and relative importance of the various causative factors.

Meanwhile, there are already avalanche of literature on the factors responsible for the rising crime rate in Nigeria.

One of the factors responsible for the increasing crime rate in the society includes;

Unemployment: This has been on increasing rate in Nigeria over the years despite the abundant human and natural resources available in the country. Chronic youths unemployment is evident in Nigeria, it has become a major problem tormenting the lives of Nigerian youths and this poses a serious risk to the Nigerian society.

Unemployment causes frustration, dejection, desperation and dependency on family members and friends who also have their own problems to contend with. This precarious situation has left the youths in a vicious cycle of poverty that daily erodes their confidence and bright future.

Some of the social and economic implications of unemployment in Nigeria include: social exclusion, increase in the crime rate, social unrest, and the brain drain of the human capital.

Widespread poverty in Nigeria is as a result of high unemployment. Unemployment is not only the potential factor for higher poverty in the Society but also a source of mental disorder/mental health problem, depression, and Crime, which affects the social, economic and political life of the society.

Another factors responsible for increase crime rate is lack of good parental upbringing (Divorce): Good parenting is of extreme importance. This important role is sometimes left to chance. Many parents have good intentions, but are unprepared for the rigours of child rearing. We sometimes adopt the same techniques that our parents used, as we recall our own childhood. This is a far more challenging world than that of our parents. Many might be able to visit websites that deal with good parenting, but there is a need to find ways and means to reach out to many parents who do not have computers. Perhaps we can utilize the radio and television to provide some strong messages to parents about child rearing. We have to save our people from destruction, because everyone is at risk, if not as offenders, then as victims.

Another factor is peer pressure. Some youths take to crime because they see their mates going into it and they want to be accepted. Crimes like cultism are often traced to peer pressure.

Family condition and the Society, starting from the home, church/mosque and the community also contribute to the high rate of crime in the Society.
In a society where wealth is worshiped without caring where and how such wealth is made inadvertently push youths into crimes.

There are families who compare their children to others and see them as failures because they have not measured up.

Some parents are even in the habit of comparing their own children to others, especially those they see as being successful.

Those who flaunt their wealth in the society also force the younger ones to want to be like them and as such, the crime rates rise by the day.

Drugs: Drugs are a bane in the society because a person who is addicted to drugs and is unable to support his addiction more often than not, end up in a life of crime to fuel their habits.

Most violent criminals end up blaming drugs for their involvement in crimes.

Politics and unfair judicial system are factors too.
Is it possible to have a crime free Society? Given that there has never been a crime free society in the history of mankind I would say ‘NO’. Criminal acts are committed aside other factors for greed, sex, anger and mental illness. The best estimates I’ve seen is that about 10% of people are mentally ill at any given time, leading me to believe that there will always be crime. We as a society can only try to reduce crime by 1 putting some mechanism into play, preaching love, and staying woke, like see something say something, report any criminal act to the authorities.

Also by helping to set a good foundation in the formative years of every child in the Society. The world impacts heavily on the young. A child needs the love, security and protection of supporting parents, relatives and friends. Which makes up a society. A child could be drawn into a vicious cycle if he is abused or is the victim of aggression. Parents, therefore, must be aware of what goes on in the lives of their children. Those who are responsible for moulding the lives of young people need to look at the impact of negative influences such as drugs, television and peer pressure. Save our children, give them a good life and help them to grow up to be responsible and loving persons in a crime free society.

We must learn to teach the youth how to manage/control their anger. Help the youth find/secure employment with no springs attached. Securing a well-paying job can help our society remain crime-free. Studies has shown that an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

I believe that truly in building the youths we are building the nation. Investments in the youth, educating the youth, early family support, and the rest can reduce crime in our society, but not if conducted in a blanket approach. We need to get smarter about how we allocate aid if we want to really have a meaningful impact on preventing and reducing criminal activities in our society.

Things have been especially harsh for Nigerian youth, an estimated 95% of whom are without a source of livelihood. These figures only reconfirm the perception that high growth rates have failed to improve Nigeria's entrenched macro-economic deficiencies, born out of decades of failed governance, mismanagement and conflict. As a result, the youth are consciously or subconsciously revolting through violent agitations. These nefarious activities in which the youths engage in, consequently led many of them into the prison. The youths supposed to be the driving force for development, conversely in Nigeria; the youths are becoming volatile, because they have their energies misdirected, since they do not have a better engagement to which they could apply their energy.

This continued to aggravate fear and tension among the citizenry, especially when it is dawned on the populace that security of lives and properties are no longer guaranteed. The high wave of crime has therefore, negatively affected the socio-economic as well as political activities of the nation.

These kind of condition in the family, society, and country leads to youths development of deviant behaviours like crime in the society.
Mostly youths involve in criminal activities like fraud, kidnapping, robbery, prostitution, militancy. Enunciating further on these assumptions, schoolers, avers that the frustration and desperation that daily torments the unemployed creates a fertile ground for crime to thrive. In recent times, there have been notable adverse social, economic and political developments in Nigeria aggravated by increased militancy, violent crimes, kidnapping, restiveness and political instability. Further observation of this, suggest that the scariest undertone of Nigeria's socio-economic under-achievement is the steady rise in youth crime, nurtured in a climate of increasing national income and the simultaneous failure of employment generation and poverty alleviation programs. Armed insurgencies ravaging the oil-rich and volatile Niger Delta region and the wanton destruction of lives and property by Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country are now competing for space in international headlines.
On anger control and lack of self-control. Many of the murders that are reported appear to be associated with anger and lack of self-control. A heated argument between two persons could end with the death of one and more, where a weapon is available. If we were to look back to the childhood days of those who lose their temper, it is likely that one would find evidence of insecurity, mistreatment and lack of self-control. These persons could have been helped and a crime avoided if the problem was identified early and anger management was undertaken. So we can engage the youth in anger control therapy.

Also on peer pressure, Yahoo-Boys commonly not only use spiritual means to increase the economic benefit of their fraudulent activities, but also use them as "spiritual insurance" so that no harm may befall them while carrying out their criminal activities, if the elderly or the spiritual fathers distance themselves from helping these boys your guess is as good as mine.

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