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Friday, March 27, 2020

COSEG urges Buhari to earmark special fund To Lagos, Commends Sanwoolu

As the battle to salvage the country and the people from  Corona virus pandemic continues, the governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu has been commended for his proactive, determined and diligent way he is prosecuting the war against COVID 19 and the people have been urged to support him in the task ahead.

This commendation was given by Coalition of Oodua self Determination Group (COSEG) in a press statement issued on Wednesday 25th March, 2020 in Ibadan, Oyo State signed by Dayo Ogunlana and Dele Daramola, the chairman and publicity Secretary of the coordinating council. The group gave kudos to the governor of Lagos State and his supporting team for the great proactive and direct tackling of the pendamic- Coronavirus  that is fast rising in Nigeria. 
According to COSEG " we shall be eternally grateful to the current best governor in Nigeria, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu who has surprised many with his selfless performance. He has made us proud by ensuring that in his hands, Lagos is safe. He has painstakingly confirmed the trust and confidence so many people reposed in him, while also surprising doubting Thomases who because of treachery never believed in him. Infact, with his direct bull by the horn attack to the issue and precautionary measures, he has announced, coronavirus has been tamed".

The group stated that they do not only support his orders but also support all steps he has taken so far being the only governor who has been far reaching in his approaches to the tackling of this pandamic called coronavirus.The group said, "we will continue to support this man of value and integrity who knows so much about leadership. We support all the steps taking so far and we shall continue to inform our people on all the steps and orders being rolled out so that our people will comply fully. We must not shy away from appreciating him and his team for doing well"

The group also stated by affirming that Lagos has given Nigerians hope, and infact has done enough for Nigeria during this trying times. The group said "if not for Lagos, the death toll would have been unimaginable, but for the roles played by governor Babajide and his crack team, this menace and murderer disease would have been uncontrollable. We advise all state governors in the southwest and Nigeria to follow this man's example and measures. He has shown all what leadership is all about if not for the high level infrastructure and facilities made available by him, nobody would have suggested Abba Kyari the chief of Staff to the president  to be flown to Lagos. This has shown that Lagos will always take its lead in all things irrespective of the envy some people have for the state."

COSEG also call on the federal government to earmark some funds to Lagos so that it can continue to play this major and leading role. The group said "we have always said on several occasions that Lagos deserves a special fund and special status being the commercial nerve of Nigeria. It is a state that the world uses to measure and evaluate Nigeria progress in all human endeavors, humanitarian, climatic and infrastructural progression. We therefore again call on Buhari led government to earmark a sum for Lagos State to always provide adequate leadership to Nigeria knowing full well that Buhari is a man of integrity and justice".

The group call on Governor Babajide Sanwoolu and president Buhari to write Cuba government for assistance as suggested by many. The group said "we call on Governor Sanwoolu and even president Buhari to write Cuba government for assistance to mass produce the cure they have for the benefit of Lagosians and Nigerians. We should not wait untill when we start panicking when the situation slaps us on the face. The number is still low so we must take necessary way out. Let us have the Cuban antidote or solutions to the mirage".

Conclusively COSEG call on Governor Sanwoolu not to rest on his oars and continue to be professional as being done now. COSEG said, "we call on Governor Sanwoolu to continue to be up and doing and do this with vigour as he is presently doing as Lagosians and even Nigerians will continue to appreciate his roles. This pandamic must be tamed. The life of even one person is key. We thank God you have justified why we and many elected you as our governor- the roles, functions and responsibilities attached, you are playing fantastically well."

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