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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Youth Corper Impregnate Mother and Daughter In Enugu

A corper attached to Ogbede community secondary school have been reported to have impregnated a mother and the daughter. The corper, an industrial mathematics graduate from Imo State University was deployed to teach mathematics in the community school. The corper who was serving the government for the one year compulsory service was housed by his victims.

A community elder Mr ugbeide Amos said the young teacher used to teach the woman's daughter privately and everything was going on well. He also said the corper used to provide the woman with money and food items. One thing led to the other, and both of them started dating. Meanwhile, the corper also proposed marriage to the woman's daughter known as Akor. Akor accepted and also started sleeping with the corper.

Mr Ugbeide who spoke to this reporter at the chief's palace said the bubble burst when Akor told the mother that the corper will soon marry her. In the process Akor came to knew her mother was also sleeping with the corper whose name is kelechi. Kelechi have disappeared from the community while the woman and the daughter have been accused by the community of difiling the land. They will be required to cleanse the land on Saturday with two she goats says Mr ugbeide.

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