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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wife narrates how her husband abandoned her after infecting her with HIV

Salima Yusuf, a 22 year old Hausa girl who lives in Tudun Maliki Kano, narrated how her husband divorced her just six months after their marriage.

Salima was the second daghter to Malam Yusuf who is a secondary school teacher in Kano. She married to her husband Aliyu in 2019 just shortly after finishing her Secondary school education. But to her, matrimonial home will be an unforgetful disaster to her life.

Few months after the marriage misunderstanding between them arose due to the allegation of extramarital affairs the husband is doing in her absence but he denied the allegation and threatens to divorce if she continues with these allegations. The matter was taken to their family but all efforts to reconcile them failed as Salima insisted that she is not going back to his house.

She finally got divorced just three months after the marriage but there is more to this story, as few weeks after their separation she starts to exprience a recurrent headache and fever which do not respond to analgesics and other drugs.

After series of tests at a private hospital in Kano, the doctors told her that she is HIV positive and they have to place her on antiviral therapy.

"That was the worst day of my life because I have never thought I can be infected with the disease, but to my surprise, I was infected. I almost gone mad if not because of support that I received from my family because they believe in me, they know I will never I am not a prostitute I can't contract the disease outside marriage." She said in tears.

"Sometimes you have to accept whatever life brings to you be it positive or negative and I am thankful to God for the gift of life." She reteirated.

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