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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Seun Egbegbe Left With His Dilemma And May Die In Prison

When news circulated that filmmaker Seun Egbegbe was seriously beaten for stealing iPhones, It was hard to believe. Despite images of his battered face, the feeling was that they could have been taken at a movie location. He once dated Toyin Abraham, a top actress in Nollywood; so, what on earth would push him to such a mess.

Lo and Behold, further news confirmed he committed the embarrassing act. He was treated like a petty thief; he was beaten mercilessly. But for the intervention of the police, things could have been worse for him. He could have been lynched by the angry mob.

Egbegbe, who has been in jailed for almost three years, is fast becoming a forgotten man, and everyone has moved on like he never existed.
When Egbegbe’s trouble started, his ex-girlfriend was not even pregnant. Toyin now has a child.
Since he was arraigned in February 2017 by the police for an alleged fraud involving N39 million, no one had perfected his bail conditions.

Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo of the Federal High Court had ruled that the filmmaker be granted bail once he met requirements.

Apart from the sum of N5 million, other conditions were that one of the sureties must be a level 16 civil servant, while the other surety must be a landowner in any part of Lagos metropolis. The landowner must submit a Certificate of Occupancy for the landed property, while the civil servant must submit his international passport to the court.

If things continue in this manner, the next news about him will be his obituary and that will be an ugly end for him. It's obvious that no one wants to be associated with him, including people who had benefited from his generosity.

For people who are irritated that Toyin’s name is always dragged into this mess by the media, it's just inevitable. That is one of the prices you pay for being famous and she has made some terrible choices in her life too. If she will be sincere with herself, dating or having romantic ties with Egbegbe remains one of her major regrets.

Once you are in the limelight, your choices must be carefully chosen because it has a way of hunting you. But the only wrong she committed was dating someone identified as a serial thief.

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