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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Police find seven human skeletons in 63-year old woman’s house

Vietnam authorities have reportedly found seven skeletons inside the home of a 63-year old woman, Cao Thi Cam Van in Mekong Delta region on Friday after Dinh Van Phong, a resident in Tay Ninh province, had initially told authorities that he found two human skeletons wrapped in a cloth bag beneath a shallow pond behind his house.

According to Viet reports, after Phong notified Police of the remains, they sealed off the scene before searching surrounding areas and soon uncovered a further seven human skeletons, all of which were found in the house of Cao Thi Cam Van, who lives next door to Dinh, bringing the total number of skeletons to nine.

Van, a widow, told police that her husband, who died from disease 11 months earlier, told her five years ago that someone was willing to buy human skeletons for 4,300 dollars each. Recognising the chance to profit from selling the bones, he went to Vietnam’s Central Highlands to buy skeletons.

When Van’s husband brought the bones back to their home, the aforementioned buyer never appeared, so he kept them in the house. After her husband died, Van threw two skeletons into Dinh’s pond.

She said she didn’t know her husband had hidden seven other skeletons in their house until the recent discovery. The police investigation and identification process remain ongoing.

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