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Friday, January 17, 2020

Drama as Awori Youths stop Olota, other Monarchs from attending traditional rulers meetings

Hundreds of youth in Awori of Ota in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun state on Thursday stormed palaces of traditional rulers in the area to stop them from attending traditional rulers meetings.

The youths in their hundreds protested that the Awori monarchs must not attend any traditional rulers meeting until the Awori section has its own separate traditional council.

The youths in their large numbers were armed with placards with various inscriptions such as; 'Put a stop to traditional marginalization, we are not egbas', 'The forceful marriage with Egbas can no longer work', 'Awori should not be subservient to the egbas', 'Governor Abiodun, please let us go', among others.

The youths under the auspices of Awori Youth Movement insisted that the Awori monarchs should not be under the Egba and Yewa Traditional councils.

Speaking on behalf of the youths, the spokesperson of the movement, Olaniyi Ogungbayi maintained that the Awori section of the state has what it takes to have its own traditional council.

Ogungbayi described the act of placing Awori traditional rulers under Yewa and Egba as a traditional marginalization.

He however said the Olota and other Awori monarchs must stop attending the meeting of the Egba and Yewa traditional council to avoid the wrath of the youths.

He urged the state governor, Dapo Abiodun to look into the formation of a separate traditional council for the Aworis.

He stressed that the culture of the Awori is different from the Egbas and Yewas and it must be respected.

He said, 

"this protest is just to express our grievances on the formation of traditional council in Ogun state.
"The Ijebu and Remo have separate traditional council. Then, why should our own traditional rulers be splitted into the Yewa and Egba traditional councils.
"We want our monarchs to be independent, we want them to have their own traditional council.
"Aworis are socially, plolictically and economically sufficient to have their own traditional council.
"We know our governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun is a listening governor. We want him to help us on this. Enough of this traditional marginalization.
"Our kings should stand alone because our culture is different from the culture of the Egba and Yewa people.
"We don't want our kings to attend any meeting in any of these traditional council, else there will be problem.
"We are going to all palaces of Awori monarchs to let them know our stand that they should not go to any traditional meetings until the Governor give us our own traditional council.
"The Egbas don't want us, the Yewas has also denied us. We are Aworis, please separate us from them."

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