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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Armed Forces Remembrance Day: “Love Your Country and Strive on the Path of Honour” – Ogun State Youth Council urges the Youth

The leadership of Ogun State Youth Council has charged the Youth of the State to be a reflection of true patriotism.

In an address to commemorate this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day, the State Chairman of the Council, Com. Abdul-Jabar Ayelaagbe, stated every January 15 as a day whose importance goes beyond merely honouring our military forces. According to Ayelaagbe, the Armed Forces Remembrance Day should be a day of sober reflection for every youth who desires a better Nigeria. “I pay tribute to our fallen heroes. As Youth, every January 15 should come with a serious concern on whether the nation is heading to our dreamland or not. We can no longer afford a large majority of the Youth as spectators of the Nigerian project. Beyond the self-professed love for one’s country, we must also strive on the path of honour if to be positively remembered by the coming generations,” he concluded.

In his brief message to the Youth, the Chairman for House Committee on Youth, Sports and Empowerment for Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Sola Adams, admonished the Youth of the state to always remember the labours of the founding fathers of the country. “I appeal to the Youths of this dear state, and Nigeria to have a deep reflection on what patriotism means. Our nation can only be as better as we let our youthful exuberance makes it. Our heroes made their sacrifices many years ago and we remember them for the efforts on this day. Satisfactory or not, they’ve played their part. For us, as youths, there can be no better time to make our country proud beyond now.”

The Armed Forces Remembrance Day is observed annually by nations around the world to honour their military forces. In Nigeria, it is marked on every January 15 to honour fallen heroes of the Nigerian Armed Forces and those who served or still serving in various peace support operations worldwide.

According to the State Secretary of the Youth Council, Akolawole Shoremi, this year’s commemoration should have better launched an awareness campaign to improve the welfare of our military men. “It is our collective responsibility to ensure the welfare of those who volunteers their comfort zones for us all. We’ve lost enough of our soldiers to the politics of those feeding fat on terrorism; this unpatriotic act of some military chiefs and politicians, if left unchecked, portends a greater threat to our oneness in the nearest future,” he stated.

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