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Monday, December 04, 2017

Open letter to the IGP, Ibrahim Idris - by - Ifemosu Michael Adewale


There is an urgent need for the Federal Government to investigate and prosecute, if necessary, the Divisional Police Officer attached to Obalende Division Office as there has been an unimaginable scale of corruption in and among the men of the Nigerian Police Force attached to Obalende, Ikangba, Agoro, Okun-Owa, Erinlu, under Odogbolu local government in Ogun State.

We are everyday dazed by the unrepentant corrupt practices, extortion, bribery and questionable character of most officers of the organisation, with bribery and extortion taking prominence over the ultimate mandate of the body.

We are baffled by the conscientious display of disgraceful act and how shamelessly most men of the organization have publicly insulted the intelligence of citizens meant to be protected, ridiculing and dragging the integrity of the organization on the mud.

Importantly, the Federal government and the Nigerian Police Force must quickly look into the allegation of citizens residing along Obalende, Ikangba Housing Estate, Ikangba Town, Erinlu, Imosan under Odogbolu local government in Ogun State, on how the Men of the Nigerian Police Force attached to safeguard the route and road have suddenly turned themselves to beggars and also mandatory payment of #50 from bikemen who aid the smooth transportation of people and residents of that Area.

Transportation in around that vicinity and areas is hectic and hell, the only means of coming and going is through boarding of bike, now the bike men are not willing to ply that route because of the illegal money the men of the Nigerian Police attached to that area will collect from them, averagely a bike man will collect #100 from ikangba to obalende, and if #50 has already been forcefully collected, you will agree with me that there is no encouragement for the bike men to ply the road.

Market women, Students, and lot of people without their personal car haven't find life so easy because of the transportation problem caused by the high and forceful extortion of the men of the Nigerian Police Force attached to that Area.

Also, it has come to our notice that the Men of the Nigerian Police do arrive there as early as 7am to start the compulsory and mandatory payment of their daily collection of #50.

This bad Action and activities carried out by the Men of the Nigerian Police is not only barbaric but also appalling that despite the issuance by the Inspector General of Police that no roadblock should be done on any of our road except for instant security attention, rather, the men attached to this zone has proved stiff necked and adamant, rebellious to the highest directive of the force.

It will interest me to tell you that the latest ranking of the United Nations that Nigerian Police is the worst in the world is made possible by these kind of men still perpetrating this evil and bad act amidst the society, thereby projecting the image of the Force badly in the outside World.

It is pathetic and quite disheartening that the Nigeria Police has degenerated in its value and ethics.

It should be noted that this disgraceful act that has befallen this institution is a disastrous event of great negative significance that needs to be addressed with immediate alacrity as it tends to pose a great danger to the security of our nation and serve as a clog in the wheel of the development of this institution.

It is visibly seen that the administration of the Divisional Police Officer attached to Obalende Divisional Police Station has involved itself in many corruption scandals and has battered the already dying reputation of the institution.

This administration has proven itself with their scrupulous acts to be of doubtful integrity and it would be unsafe for this present government whose major agenda is to fight corruption to keep such men of doubtful integrity to be in charge of the police affairs charged with the responsibility of helping the  government in her fight against corruption.

In view of this, I implore the Inspector General of Police, the Ogun State Government, the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Lagos and Ogun(Zone2,onikan),the Ogun State Commisioner of Police, the Ijebu Area Commander(Igbeba) to stand up  and call for the immediate investigation of the Men of the Nigeria Police Force attached to Obalende, Ikangba, Erinlu, Imosan, Agoro, Okun-Owa, and it envrions under Odogbolu Local Government in Ogun State.

We cannot be safe in this country if we have a corrupt Nigeria Police Force.


Ifemosu Michael Adewale is the founder Youth In Good Governance Initiative YIGGI, and Acting Coordinator for Federalists Movement of Nigeria; an auspices of the #GetInvolvedNow Movement.

Cc: Ogun State Government.

      Assistant Inspector General of Police(Zone 2, Onikan Lagos).

      Ogun State Commissioner of Police.

      Ijebu Area Commander (Igbeba).

      All concerned Bodies.

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