An inept Honourable and Chairman called Ojuri and Shittu: Odogbolu State House of Assembly and Odogbolu Local Govt. misfortune _by_ IFEMOSU MICHAEL ADEWALE - THE NEW DAWN ONLINE


Saturday, December 02, 2017

An inept Honourable and Chairman called Ojuri and Shittu: Odogbolu State House of Assembly and Odogbolu Local Govt. misfortune _by_ IFEMOSU MICHAEL ADEWALE

I cannot help but worry and fuss over the state of affairs of my state constituency, Odogbolu Local Government, especially pertaining to its Human development and the attempts to stunt it's growth and independence by willy and unruly characters.

Having been an indigene of Odogbolu Local Government from my Paternal Grandfather as a bona-fide son of Igbile-Ijebu sharing borders with Omu-Eleni and Ala from the family compound of Ifemosu Popurlaly known as Baba Mechanic sharing vicinity with the Jaun of Igbile the Serefusi, I remain very much concerned about the quality of the local government and state constituency academic, social and welfare programmes or policies as they directly or indirectly affect the indigenes and residence of that local government and state constituency .

It is my conviction that the sum total of the experiences had in almost every leadership positions should have helped the duo in shaping the focus, perception and attitude of the whole of Odogbolu in the wider society. Thus, it is imperative that nothing but the very best in a holistic and all encompassing way be the lot of indigenes and residence of the local government.

It is thus with much alarm that I have observed the shameless antics of the representative of the local government and state constituency under The dis-honourables called Honourable Adebowale Ojuri and Wale Shittu respectively, whose duo whims have become a source of major embarrassment, disappointment and in fact, social and security liability to the Local Government.

A sum of their actions in the period of their tenureship so far show an utter disregard or ignorance of the philosophies, values and objectives that drives the Local Government.

All of these become even more worrisome given how cozy or unconcerned the local government has been with their obvious misbehaviour, indiscipline and show of inept intelligence.

Any careful observer of the Hon and Chairman characters and proclivities will come to the inevitable conclusion that they both lack the mental capacity, social and interpersonal skill required of their office.

And even if one decides to forgive their many failings/shortcomings on the premise of their lack of exposure on proper interpersonal relations, their disdain for inalienable individual rights and their cocky way of victimising indigenes and residents leaves much to be desired.

At the very root of my concern is how such a persons like the duo was both voted to occupy such a sensitive position in the Local Government.

The poor quality of our educational system today is seemingly one undone by its very own caretakers - both the Honourable representing the constituency and the Executive Chairman of the local government.

An all-round education transcends the walls of lecture halls to the observable character direction of its population. Indigenes and Residents tend to look up to their leaders most especially political office holders for good representation and mentorship, and so when the the example out there is terrible the result is unimpressive.

Exposed to frivolous characters such as that of Hon Ojuri, since I have observed keenly where he is been accord as Ijoba Ojuri, which Ijoba of poor, selfish and cunning style of leadership, I have seen him junketing about bagging awards and titles all in a show of shame.

Someone even said he is a Grassroots politician, I told the person he is a grassroot opportuned man, who believes leaving Abeokuta to stay in his residence in and around Odogbolu will appease the people and they will abtrightly believes he is the man of the people, Yes to some he is....but to the Lawmaking body of the state constituency He is Not.

The Only thing Ojuri is good at is organizing Sports competitions, attending festive celebration, using billboard to cajole the people, tell me is that the duty of a good and viable legislator representing the sole interest of the people he represents?

How many Laws and Bills has Ojuri sponsored in the hallow chamber towards the self development of the local government, Well I guess he is one of the Honourable I second the motion and probably playing loyalty to his Party and Boss over the interest of the good people of Odogbolu.

Hon. Wale Shittu is a man we should never had made a supervisor not to talk of a Chairman, his dormancy and incompetency in terms of basic infrastructural development, mental will to lead, health and other needed amenities to drive and make Odogbolu local government a place and hub to drive Ogun State forward is nothing to write home about.

Odogbolu Local Government is one of the largest local government in Ogun State, having the Largest Housing Estate in Ogun State situated in it, the estate is called Ikangba Housing Estate sharing borders with Ikangba Town, Erinlu, Imodi-Imosan, Idotun, also Odogbolu local government used to have be best commercial hub in Ogun State talking about most of those companies before folding up were in Ikangba Town, part of which are Wadai Shoes, Gateway Pharmaceutical Companies now Watson Pharmaceutical Companies e.t.c from Omu Eleni down to Ala were known for mat weaving, Okun-Owa, Agoro, Ikangba are known for agricultural hub ranging from animal husbandry to crop farming, imodi shares the heart of Odogbolu due to it reach cultural heritage of the ijebus in Agemo, where the Posa of the Agemo resides and it is a custom that all other Agemos throughout ijebuland comes to Imodi every year to perform their rites, Where is Odutola foods? Odutola Tyres? Crown Product a division of frigoglass is also dying and these opportunist seems not to see, only to be empowering youths with keke napep, celebrating how they sponsored disability bill, giving cash prizes to winners at a societal Congreagetion

Honestly, even as I write this I am yet to make sense of such a mental failure or childish ground for electing and re-electing the non performing and ordinary opportunist like them.

The duo (Ojuri and Wale Shittu) is acting as if the local government and the seat of the state constituency is their personal fiefdom, where they act in a decorated and beautified nonsense, where they believe they can dictates who may or may not run for office. Utter rubbish.

I think we have allowed this particular officers run amok and amiss long enough, they must be shown the way out of office come 2019 before they does irreparable harm to Odogbolu Local Government image.

Any indigene/resident of Odogbolu that condones the two opportunist or allows the duo harass him or her is not fit to be human. Odogbolu is an ancestral home for good leadership and tranquility carried out in a sane environment and anyone who displays any tendency otherwise must not be allowed and condoned.

As an indigene of Odogbolu, that myself and other notable indigenes would not condone any such further display of impunity by the duo who are mere opportunist destroying the fate of Odogbolu. They are hereby reminded of the duty of their office, sworn to the defence and protection of Odogbolu in general and it inhabitants, a task they are greatly inadequate for and should thus be relieved of.

We shall soon be approaching the general elections come 2019, to make sure both of them and some other opportunist like them are not elected, as we are in doubt of their soundness and state of mind for the position.

Their actions are unfathomable, crude and not needed in such a refined and sane City and Local Government. Until the 'need-ful' is done, I intend to meet them action for action, words for words at every turn. I will not cower before men so arrogantly misbehaved and with a bloated sense of importance. I have met worse, I know just how to handle their type.

Ifemosu Michael Adewale is the Founder Youth In Good Governance Initiative YIGGI and acting coordinator for Federalists Movement of Nigeria Ogun Central; an auspices of #GetInvolvedNow

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