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In an exclusive interview with our news reporter, Comrade Asoro Abubakri Olatunji formerly declares his interest to rerun as YAN deputy speaker as against wide speculation that he his contesting as Speaker. Enjoy the interview!

Q: Can you kindly introduce yourself sir???

I am Comrade Asoro Abubakri Olatunji. The immediate and first deputy speaker of YAN Ogun State and the coordinator of Ijebu Ode.

Q: For the sake of the youths that have not heard about YAN before, tell us about it.

Youth Assembly of Nigeria is a youth organization and an NGO. It runs a Parliamentary (legislative) system of government with conglomeration of all state youth Ambassadors as parliamentarians.

Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN) has thirty-seven (37) Youth Ambassadors, each representing the 36 states in Nigeria including FCT Abuja, 109 Coordinators for the 109 senatorial zones, 774 coordinators for the 774 local governments and wards as there are state, senatorial zone, local government and ward chapters.

YAN came into limelight in 2011 when youth leaders from the Six geopolitical zones of our country, Nigeria resolved that change is a factor that cannot be left out in the quest to attain a true egalitarian society as the ubiquity of the Nigerian Socio-cultural-economic cum political pacta which is traceable to 1914 and 1960 so to say, is losing strength on a daily basis as insecurity, cultism and kidnapping cases has taken over the country and has tainted the image of our country in general as perceived by the outside world.

Q: How did YAN come to Ogun State and how has the journey been so far??

What a beautiful question. This question is beautiful because when you know your history, it guides you and your future actions. YAN came to Ogun State through Comrade Farouk. He was the first speaker of the state. Within the shortest period of his assumption of office, he conducted and elected coordinators into all the 20 local government we have then. I happen to be elected as the coordinator of Ijebu Ode, I was elected unopposed. Thereafter, we had our first sitting at Ewekoro, where principal officers of the state were appointed. He stepped down as Speaker and Amb Bunmi Ekungba became the speaker. I was in Abuja during that sitting to represent Ogun State at YAN National Assembly excursion, that was where I got the news that I have been appointed to serve as deputy speaker; I guess they knew I will perform beyond reasonable doubt.

Q:How is YAN Ogun State performing at the national level?

Our state is so blessed with good citizen and progressives minded individuals who have contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria. The likes of Pa Awolowo, Baba Obasanjo who happens to head Nigeria twice. When it comes to anything national, we don't carry last.

YAN Ogun state is trekking this same path. Ogun State participated in the National Assembly excursion of May this year. We were also represented at the South East youth summit and YAN national sitting held at Imo International Convention Centre. It is painful that as at the time of the inauguration of the current assembly at the national level, Ogun State has not been on ground, it is probably the reason we are not holding any principal office at the national level. I will like to use this medium to appeal to the national body under the able leadership of His youthfulness Amb Samuel Godstime to consider Ogun State for a position.

Q: What has been your own contribution towards the development and growth of YAN in Ogun State??

In my acceptance speech after been elected the coordinator of Ijebu Ode, I promised that Ijebu Ode will not carry last. I can boldly tell you today that Ijebu Ode score card is still the best. Only Ijebu Ode has had her sitting thrice. We have hosted the state sitting (meeting); we are the only one to have use the local government for the hosting. We are also the only local government to have her chairman as YAN patron. I can categorically say we have full government support, the chairman was even at the state sitting we hosted and we used the opportunity to present him the certificate as the patron of YAN Ijebu Ode.

As the deputy speaker, I represented Ogun State at the national assembly excursion on a self sponsored trip. I also represented Ogun State at the southeast youth summit at Owerri Imo State.

Q:It is rumored that you want to contest as Speaker in the coming election, is that true??

It often said that what is worth doing is worth doing well. When I was giving the deputy speaker I never asked for it, it was even given to me in absentia. They saw my capability and made me the deputy speaker. I never said I wanted to contest as Speaker but the fact is that some people approached me, I guess they saw the ability to deliver in me and I must appreciate them for that. The voice of man is the voice of God, maybe that is the plan God has for tomorrow but as for today, my boss is still in the race. I am a student of Robert Green and I believe Strongly in his laws especially law 1 which applies here.

Q: So what are you contesting for and what should the youths especially YAN members expect from you??

My Oga( Amb. Ekungba) has been good. During my tenure as deputy speaker, he gives me the free hand to operate. Most time, I represent him at the national level. If there is anything I want to contest for, it is a position where I will able to operate without hindrance. I am contesting to retain my position as DEPUTY SPEAKER. This should be a formal declaration. Lol

As the deputy speaker , people should expect a lot:

1) I have discovered that we don't have active members in YAN Ogun State, we have more critics than necessary. Immediately after my election as the deputy speaker, I will sort the permission of the speaker to create a Google form. The Google form will be of two advantages:

a) New members accross Ogun State will register through it
b)It will also serve as members data bank

2) Of recent, Ogun State has been the hub of kidnapping and this is a pointer to the level of unemployment in the state. I shall seek the permission of the speaker to train youths on some special skills. Our concentration will be on Agric and technology.

3) We shall pass a bill that will be sent to the state Assembly on how to provide start up loans for youths. I have a master plan on that

4. We will partner with security agencies, to educate youths on crime, crime prevention and crime reporting, so as to make our state safer.

5. Another master plan I have is what I tag "Operation Make Ogun Clean" this operation is a master plan on how to make our environment clean with or without government involvement. It is going to be a voluntary service.

6. I have so many plans that time will not allow me to mention. It will reflect in my manifesto by the time I declare.

Q: When and where is the election??

The election will come up on 5th of Nov. 2016 at Ifo Local Government Secretariat. I hope to see our youths turn out en mass to cast their vote for me.

Thank you!


  1. Good one...this is good for the growth of the youth.

  2. Good one...this is good for the growth of the youth.


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