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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Religion VS Education: Contradiction or Complementary

Every society need a moral compass to tell its member what is right/wrong, what is good/bad, what should be done under certain circumstances, etc. It acted as a guideline for the member of the society on how to behave on a daily basis, and the most dominant form of moral compass is religion.

Religious beliefs and practices are an important moral compass or guidelines. It tells us what is right, what is good, and what is dignified for the common good of the society based on general belief. If any society don't have such moral compass, chaos will surely follow.

On the other hand, the aims of education is to take us beyond such unreasoned beliefs and practices in the form of religion. Education is suppose to provide us a moral compass in the form of reason, logic and rationality that will guide us through life. But considering the current status of our education, is it able to provide us that?

Every religious practice or belief are not necessarily bad, afterall they are based on what the society thought was good for the member of the society. Take for example, the concept of love and peace are taught by all religion, and education provide us the capacity to logically think and reason the needs, importance and benefit of peace and love, in that sense, education and religion complement each other.

If we are to view the role of the teacher as a facilitator, it doesn't matter how much religion is practiced, education will achieve it's aims. If we are to view the teacher as a mentor/guide/master etc, they might hamper the process of logic and reason, but as long as the student continued their education, and that our curriculum really encompass all the elements of the aims of education, nothing will stop education from achieving it's goal.

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