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Sunday, January 03, 2016

At 62 Kollington still very hot in bed, says young wife

For years nothing has been heard of Fuji Maestro,Alhaji Kollington Ayinla, popularly referred to as Kebe n’ Kwara but the ‘Baba Alatika’ granted Potpourri an interview last year.

As much as the interview was revealing and thrilling, but something else happened while the interview was going now that caught Potpourri’s eyes. It was while the lively interview was going on when his wife, simply called Hajia showed up clad in the conventional veil the Moslems called Hijab. On sighting her,the reporter invited her to join in the conversation but her reply nearly knocked her off the chair she was sitting.“ Please leave me alone for now, Alhaji has just reduced to near nothing in bed”, she said, obviously revealing they have just had sex.

Like a shark, it was a smell of blood to our reporter, who went for the kill by asking her if the Fuji Maestro is still very active in bed at his age. “ Please leave me alone, this man can kill in bed. I don’t want to talk about” she replied and retired into the inner rooms, looking truly worn out.


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