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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Insecurity: Youths Set-Up Intelligence Gathering Taskforce

...vow to go against those sponsoring insecurity, disunity in Nigeria

The worrisome issue of security which has taken center stage in the contemporary national system of our beloved country; Nigeria have necessitated the assemblage of a group of young progressive, patriotic and ever ready Nigerians cutting across the 109 senatorial districts of the federation in Abuja today to discuss issues concerning the Nation and the way forward. 

These young Nigerians who begged that their identity be consealed are made up of 85 ladies and 25 males. Briefing some inquisitive journalists who came around to know what the well coordinated crowd was all about, the leader of the group who is a known National Youth leader in Nigerian youth activism said that with such a large number of people living in Nigeria, security challenges are inevitable, as such, expected is a proper response from law enforcement agencies to ensure the security of lives and properties which is a statutorily imposed duty on law enforcement agents, and a right guaranteed to the citizens of Nigeria.

The leader of the group further state that Surveillance and intelligence gathering are some of the sophisticated methods that law enforcement authorities use to tackle security challenges but unfortunately the security chiefs have refused to engage a good number of progressive young Nigerias and civil society organizations that are suppose to help them gather information sufficiently to prevent a crime that is yet to be committed, intervene in one that is being committed or investigate a crime that has been committed.

"This evening, out of our patriotic ingenuity, we from our respective senatorial districts have gatthered here in the Nation's capital to reason together and chart a way forward for our Nation. We can nolonger keep quiet and allow those who are ignorant of what disunity and affection deprives us as a people to be used by enemies of Nigeria in disorganized us. We have taken time to deliberate and have come up with the first step formulary and approach which we have resolved to embark on. For our first move, we have just formed the YOUTH INTELLIGENCE GATHERING TASKFORCE which are now commissioned to begin intensive intelligence gathering having been lectured on examining the various categories of security challenges in Nigeria, the institutional framework for intelligence gathering and crime prevention and the methods of intelligence gathering in Nigeria", he stated.

"Continents, regions, states, etc are all battling directly and indirectly to improve their direct domestic and international security status. It is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. We have come to understand that security unavoidably stands as a major policy challenge to decision makers as well as communities and groups around the globe. This is so because the concept of security remains a complex phenomenon that unarguably require not just counter-measures to deal with but concrete preventive and resilient decisions to manage in order to avoid loss of lives and properties. It therefore follows that security requires not only the physical protection from existing harm, but also the establishment of resilient socio-political and economic structures to deal with its complexity. In this era of globalization, growing interdependence because of uncertainties in security has given it a new meaning, scope, perspective and dimension and we are ready to be of great benefit to any of the security agencies that finds us worthy of partnership as we have opined and noted 6 steps to take periodically and systematically to salvage the insecurity situation in Nigeria starting with this first step we have established today", the young Leader further stated.

Our correspondent said that most persons who listened to the leader of the group wondered why the youth intelligence gathering team is populated by ladies.

Consequently, policy makers in different counties around the globe have gradually come to recognize that the protection of states and there citizens require a fully integrated multidimensional and comprehensive approach to security issues, which directly influences civil, social, cultural, political, environmental and economic sectors of the society. Such recognition has precipitated a number of measures and counter measures to deal with security. 

However, the underlying truth is that security is the state of being free from danger or threat. It is the degree of protection to safeguard a nation against danger, damage, crime and loss. It includes the safety of a state against criminal activities.

Obviously, there is no single universal acceptable definition of state or national security since there are some differences in describing what makes-up a nation or state. The variety of definitions provides an overview of the many usages of this concept. The concept still remain ambiguous, having originated from simpler definitions which initially emphasized the freedom from military threat and political coercion, to later increase in sophistication and now include other forms non-military security as found in the reality of everyday life across the globe. National security is thus a combination abundant and suitable political, military, human resources, economic structures, technology, science and natural resources at its optimal level in a country. It includes the ability to preserve the nation's physical integrity, territory and protect it from undesirable internal and external control. It is therefore a state of being able to control and overcome various external and internal threats predicating that security remains complex and ambiguous. This obvious realization that security encompasses more than just military security draws to mind the urgent need for the government to integrate other very important security areas into crucial national security interests to ensure the sustainable development of the Nigerian State. 

These security areas are premised on clear comprehension of the dynamics of internal security and contemporary global security challenges of which Nigeria cannot be said to be isolated from. Hence the county cannot afford to continue to live as if in oblivion of these facts of the contemporary global security trends. However, it is of vital importance to acknowledge the existing spectrum of Nigeria's national security interests which has fared very well in various categories, especially in the protection of Nigeria's unity and the larger parts of its territory, in exception of those lost to Cameroon, which forced the Bakassi people to demand for a sovereign state. 

We dearly hope that this move by these young Nigerians to salvage the present insecurity situation of Nigeria will yield positive results as they are bent on providing a lasting peace and unity in Nigeria noting that many hidden truths will be made public and fanners of discord will not be spared by Nigerian Youths.

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