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Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Death Toll of Blacks In America Is Alarming, Says COSEG

The death of black people residing in the United States of America has been described as alarming and threatening to the entire black race and if urgent attention is not paid to this unfortunate development it may result in the total elimination of blacks in America.

This warning was issued on Wednesday in Lagos by the Coalition of Oodua Self Determination Group  (COSEG), a Pan-African Youruba group in a press statement signed by Dayo Ogunlana and Dele Daramola, the Chairman and Publicity Secretary of the group warning that efforts must be geared towards the unfortunate incident.

The group condemned in strong terms the America Government uncare attitude to the high rate of death of the blacks living in America.
According to COSEG "we are perturbed that 75 percent of the totality of people that are dieing in America including Chicago of the COVID-19 pandemic are blacks while also noting that blacks are only 27 percent the American population. Consequently, this means, the blacks are dying in three multiple folds. This is alarming and if this goes on and unchecked, the blacks living in America will be gradually wiped off. We are concerned"

The group concretely narrated that the high death rate of blacks is as a result of Health Care challenges and inadequate medicare of the black people in America. The group said "it is Crystal clear from our investigations that the recorded high death rate is a result of inadequate health care of the blacks in America over time and this health care challenges of the blacks in America should be of concern to all blacks all over the world including Africa and especially Nigeria".

The group therefore call on the Nigeria government to show interest on the rapid rate of death of blacks living in America during this Covid 19 pandemic. The group said "we cannot wait untill all the blacks living in America die off, no we cannot, we therefore call on Nigerian government to urgently show interest on this issue and intervene appropriately, though we have our challenges too and its being taken care of, we must not look away. Nigeria must continue to play its role even at this critical periods".

Significantly, something is therefore missing and strange.

We therefore call on the  Nigeria government to look into this serious issue.

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