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Thursday, April 02, 2020

AWUJALE: The Undisputable Originator of a Modern Ijebu Nation

"Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland"

• Egbe Obayori Kuye extol Awujale @ 60 on the throne

Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, today April 2, 2020 is exactly 60 years on the throne of his forefathers. Without mincing words, Orisa Ijebu has he is fondly called, is one of the greatest and longest currently reigning Monarchs in Africa and beyond. 

Awujale, a quintessential monarch, cerebral, sagacious personality, nationalist, the most perfect embodiment and an encyclopedia of history of Nigeria and the greatest custodian of Ijebu culture, tradition and history. Awujale is Undisputable the originator of modern Ijebu nation. He has been a very strong voice and an advocate of values of religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and dialogue among his people. 

Alaiyeluwa has always been a backbone to many of his subjects, and lending his moral and physical supports to them, both at home and in the diaspora of which most are now Captain of industries and key leaders in the public and private sectors. 

Today, Ijebu Land  have an enviable,  viable, and sustainable economy development capacity. All these are to the credit of the erudite, versatile, multigenous, sagacious and prudent manager of Ijebu nation, Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona.

One of the most significant contention of the Alaiyeluwa is his evergreen burning desire of the Ijebu people to have a state created for their social, economic and political advancement, within the federating system of Nigeria, is as old as the conclusion of Nigeria's civil war of 1967 to 1970. Oba Adetona has been at the forefront of this agitation and leading the crusade of the emancipation of the ljebu people in particular and Nigerians as a whole.

Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona has used his exposure, creativity, civilization and connectivity to rebrand the social life of the Ijebus.
The systematic organization of the long age grades known as "Regberegbe" has constituted a major instrument of social cohesion and mobilization in Ijebuland. Through these groups, Oba Adetona has built a cultural festival held on the third day after eid el kabir (sallah) celebration tagged "Ojude Oba festival".

The famous festival started out in 1892, when the then Oba Adesumbo Tunwase offered landed properties to the Muslims for a Mosque to be built. He also offered the British missionaries the opportunity to preach Christianity in Ijebu Land as well as the land where St. Saviours Italupe, the first church in Ijebu was built.

Ojude Oba Festival started as a religious festival, when a small number of adherents and followers of the Islamic religion chose to pay homage and show appreciation to the reigning Monarch for his kind gesture and benevolence to them. However, the festival has transcended religious lines today and it attracts people of all faiths as well as tourists from within and outside Nigeria. 

On the day of the event, various peers and age groups come in unique and different festive attires to pay tribute to the king after which the festival continues with various forms of entertainments which includes corporate paying of Royal homage by indigenous Corporate Organizations and horse riding families will also pay Royal homage and entertain the audience with historic horse display, traditional egungun display  amongs numerous other forms of entertainments.

Therefore, on this auspicious occasion of the 60th anniversary on the throne of our dear kabiyesi, the Orisa Ijebu, Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, CFR, JP. Ogbagba ll, Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, Giwa Alhaji Suraju Lasisi, the Giwa Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu "Kuye", on behalf of family, Board Of Trustee of our Egbe and the entire Omo Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu "Kuye", heartily congratulate the Kabiyesi, the Chiefs, High Chiefs and the entire people of Ijebu nation on today’s occasion and I pray that God will continue to give Kabiyesi the grace, wisdom and good health to celebrate many more years on the throne of his forefathers.

As the custodian of Ijebu culture and traditions, Alaiyeluwa has play significant roles in ensuring that the interest of his subjects is taken care of and that the spirit of co-operation, communal living and peaceful co-existence for which Ijebu people are known is preserved. 

Ki Ade pe lori, 
ki bata pe lese.....

Congratulations sir!!!

Released By:
Yori (Comrade) Akeem Temitope Akilo
Publicity Secretary,
Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu "Kuye".

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