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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Suspected Yahoo Boy Caught Sleeping With A Mad Lady

Just as the saying goes, wonders shall never cease to end in the present times of the world.
In the world today, especially in Nigeria such things as this don't happen without a spiritual meaning, especially in this days of the YAHOO BOYS.

A boy at his youthful age identified by the neighbors as Edwin Ugonna has been having canal knowledge of a mad woman and has recently been caught and handed to the authorities.

It was reported that the young man started going too close to the mentally ill woman and sometimes let her into his room.

It went on and on until the neighbors got curios and decided to monitor their movement, until this unfortunate day, they had to open the door and boom, they caught the young man having his way with the mad woman and they raised alarm.

The boy was handed over to the Police officers and taken to the station for further questioning.
Many people suspect it's a yahoo boy trying to use the woman, while others said they may actually just be enjoying themselves and nothing more.

There's been stories of yahoo boys who needed to sleep with mad women to be able to make money.
Well it is hard to tell I this present times, especially being a young man who is still able to get a young lady, why a mad woman?

Neighbors had also said that, although the woman was not crying or showing any sign of force, instead she seems happy whenever she leaves but they still had to raise an alarm.

the suspect, Edwin Ugonna said that he didn't have ulterior motives towards her and he said that she's been forcing herself on him all the while.

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