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Thursday, January 02, 2020

My daughter will face same fate as LASU student I used for money ritual, says C&S pastor

A self-acclaimed pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim, Solution chapel in Osun state, Segun Philip has admitted that his daughter would also face the same fate with the final year student of Lagos State University he recently used for money ritual.

Favour, a final year student of LASU was reported to have been killed by her boyfriend who lured her from Lagos to Ikoyi-Ile in Osun state so as to use her to make concotion for his own mother.

While speaking with the prophet who slaughtered and removed the vital organs used for the ritual, he claimed he regretted committing the crime.

The father of two added that he is certain that law of karma would also play on his daughter when it is time to reap her fruit.

Philip further described himself as a devil pastor that God may not forgive for the bad he did for the LASU student.

He said, "I will feel bad and take a very drastic action to ensure the culprits are brought to book if the lady happens to be my daughter.

"Because of the proverb that says 'your children would suffer for the wrong you have done ' I already know my daughter may also face the same fate in the coming years.

"From the day we did the money ritual that I have started regretting I did something like this. I blamed myself after the incident for doing such wicked act.

"What I want from the government is to tamper justice with mercy.

"I know I have leave God's way to walk in the path of the devil. I know I have dine with the devil and it is a must for me to face the wrath of my action.

"I have disgraced the prophet hood and many have committed sin because of me.

"I want them to forgive me so that I can start afresh and become a good evangelist who would be preach the gospel of Christianity."

Source: Platform Times

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