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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

3 months after my father's death my 67 year old mum wants to get married to her 27 yr old driver

The family of Alice is unhappy as their mum is insisting on getting married just three months after the burial of their father.

Alice claims that their mum called all of them for a family meeting only to inform them that she has fixed a date for her wedding.

See her message as sent to relationship expert, Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar.
Hello Osigwe, how is your week going? hope awesome. Please do the needful and publish.
My name is Alice and I am the third child of my parents, my mum gave birth to four kids, two boys and two girls. Our last born is 28 and my mum is 67 years of age.
My father died three months ago at the ripe age of 80. We just finished the burial last week and just when we were about to start going back to our respective station of work my mum sent a notice of a family meeting.
We met and my mum announced the shocking decision that she wants to get remarried. The announcement alone was met with stiff silence by the kids. We looked at ourselves in shock and horror. My father left an estate worth over 1.5 billion for my mum alone.

My mum with her newfound wealth wants to marry just after the burial of my dad. As if that was not embarrassing enough my mum introduced her driver as her groom to be.

The same Fidelis, the driver who impregnated Nkechi the neighbour's maid last year.

We have talked to my mum to avoid this her so-called wedding ceremony only for her to fix a date for the wedding.

She says she knows what she is doing and wants to enjoy her life. Fidelis is not even as old as our last born.

Please, how can we solve this issue without making our mum depressed. She must not get married to Fidelis.

Please advice accordingly. Regards Alice.

Guys, we have heard Alice please what do we do to savage her plight?

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