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Comr. Akeem Akilo
Comrade Akeem Temitope Akilo, a political activist, social commentator and human rights crusader. Born into the family of the famous Akilo of Oru Ijebu in Ijebu North Local Government Area of Ogun State.

A graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. During his studentship as an undergraduate, he was a renowned member of "The Activist Forum" (A-Forum) (an organization of students/youths that identifies with the advocacy and promotion of human rights) of the university.

Comrade Akilo turned 40 on thursday 24th, January 2019, reeled out his life experience, challenges ahead and plans for the society in a press release this morning titled, "My Sojourn @ 40, A Dashed Hope Revived".

The birthday of any living being is usually significant as it is a day that marks the birth of such individual who in turn spiritually give thanks to his or her creator for being alive to witness another year added to his or her years. On the other hand, the day is also used to reflect on activities and achievements of such a person.

In a statement personally signed by the celebrant and made available to our editor, Comrade Akeem Temitope Akilo said, 'It sometimes seems that our society is obsessed with hopelessness. Look at everywhere and you see handsome young men with rippling muscles and stunning young women with bronzed legs that go on searching for greener pastures, hopefully to survive the rigorous and unfriendly societal challenges most especially as a Nigerian.

Akilo who explained, as a victim of a broken home at a tender age, this deprived me alot. This gave me a lot of setback in my academic pursuit and career build up.

Q: How was your growing up ?

A: My mother, a divorcee of my father cum widow to her new husband who died while my mother was in her late 30s. I had a very terrible life experience growing up.

I will continue to show passion for single mothers and widows as a result of my mother's experience. I have developed an attitude to the extent that even, if I wanted to take up a second wife, I will prefer going for a widow or a single mother who is a victim of domestic violence.

Growing up and leaving with the person(s) that are not your biological parents was something else entirely. But, today I thank the Almighty Allah for my life.

Struggling For Better Life ?

I have been shattered, bullied by some frends and family members, but at 39, I received a divine intervention, God used Aremo Segun Adekoya MHR to removed the shame from me. As an ambitious person, my hope for better life which has long been delayed was revived. At 40 now, am moving gradually...... I am not rich yet, but am hoping for better tomorrow. But, now I am happy with my family. Aremo Segun Adekoya MHR is my boss, father and a benefactor. A member of PDP contesting for Federal House of Representatives, and that is the stake I have in PDP. 

Plans On Giving Back To The Society ? 

Without any iota of doubt, Comrade Akilo, a well organized individual whose philosophy of life is "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm", and believe that, "Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion", have setting pace in his feelings for humanity services. Considering his background and life experience, he said, there is plan on the need to build a foundation thus will serve as a quick response or a rescue platform that will give succor to the downtrodden within our society. Akilo said, the rates of poverty, illiteracy, violation and abuses of human rights has been very inimical to the society. 

In view of all these, I founded a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named, "COMRADE AKILO FOUNDATION" (CAF) five years ago to commemorate my 35 years old birthday. Though, the #NGO is yet to take off. It will soon kick off. 

CAF will provide solid foundation for sustainable illiteracy reduction, awareness on educational, vocational and socio-personal issues and leadership advocacy. It will also focuses on championing the campaign against domestic violence and abuse of human rights. 

Ogun Politics And 2019 Issues ?

Now, I am a member of a political movement, non-partisan, but independent political organisation, Mandate Network (MN).

MN is set up with the sole aim of working towards building and developing a virile Ogun state and Nigeria of our dream. Its membership is open to every individual(s) who shares in our ideology, believe in our cause as a political pressure group not minding the political party's affiliation of individuals.

It is our desire to mobilize Ogun people and Nigerians towards 2019 general elections by supporting credible and resourceful candidates for elective positions in the forthcoming 2019 polls.

Our work and job is to aggressively embark on sensitization, mobilisation, political education and electioneering campaign for any candidate(s) this group declared support for, haven satisfied with his or her character, agenda/programs for the people.

We must resolve to withstand and overpower negative campaigns, shenanigans and campaign of calumny of any antidemocratic forces and their agents to mischievously distract and detour our noble course.

We are all stakeholders in Ogun State project. We will fight this cause to achieve the desire results. We will ensure we enthrone the very best candidate as Ogun State Governor. I want to see a greater Ogun State and better Nigeria.

At 40, My Takes ?

The truth is turning 40 is pretty good. But, you are gradually moving closer to your grave. You are entering your peak earning years. It is unfortunate that the Nigeria system does not provide enable environment to develop our potentials. At 40 as a nigerian, you are still crawling to get your bearing. It very sad! It's absurd! The Nigerian system is not working properly. To me, life really does not begins at 40!

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